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  • Floating Wetlands – We installed a new floating wetland prototype as part of our Waterfront Campus. Learn how these wetlands are transforming Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!
  • Pinecone Fish – Three pinecone fish have been added to the Sensing exhibit!
  • World Rivers Day – World Rivers Day–a global celebration of the Earth’s waterways and the life they support. Celebrate by learning about river deltas!
  • Cephalopods – Arms or Tentacles? – Celebrating Cephalopod Awareness Week by looking at the difference between arms and tentacles.
  • World Octopus Day – Celebrating World Octopus Day by sharing some of our favorite octopus facts.
  • Falling for Fall Farmer’s Markets – It’s National Farmers Day and we’re celebrating by bringing you a few tips for making the most of your local farmers markets during the fall season.
  • Baltimore’s Famous Birds – Today we’re celebrating Baltimore’s incredible birds. In addition to being iconic mascots for our local sports teams, orioles and ravens are also native species!
  • Celebrate Hagfish Day – We’re celebrating Hagfish Day by showing you just how interesting and unique the hagfish is–despite its appearance!
  • Reptile Roundup – It’s Reptile Awareness Day, so we’re celebrating some of the unique reptiles that can be found in our Australia: Wild Extremes exhibit!
  • It’s Jellyfish Day! – It’s Jellyfish Day – celebrate by learning about a few of the jellies that can be found in our Jellies Invasion exhibit!
  • How to Compost Your Pumpkins – Halloween night is scary, but even more frightening is the fact that millions of pumpkins end up in the trash every November.
  • Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle – Today is America Recycles Day, and we’re celebrating by investigating some items you may not know are recyclable!
  • Species Spotlight: Banggai Cardinalfish – Learn more about what makes Banggai Cardinalfish unique!
  • Animal Update: Blue Crabs – Two blue crabs have been added to our Tidal Marsh exhibit!
  • Species Spotlight: Tarantula – Have no fear! Tarantulas are more cool than creepy.
  • Species Spotlight: Green Honeycreeper – If you look closely, you might spot our new green honeycreeper in Upland Tropical Rain Forest!
  • Animal Update: Purple Striped Jellies – Two purple striped jellies have been added to our Jellies Invasion exhibit!
  • Animal Update: Reef Scorpionfish – Two reef scorpionfish have been added to our Surviving Through Adaptation exhibit!


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